Try Sending Bulk SMS For Business Promotions On The Cheap

Bulk SMS Text messaging is a means of communication by which telecom users can send short text or picture messages to other users. An SMS text or message can be sent between two cell phones or from a website. SMS text messaging is an 81 billion dollar plus market and widely used by all kinds of users regardless of the service providers.

A common approach to the businesses world over in getting in touch with their clients and prospective buyers is to use the mobile phones as a weapon of marketing strategy. They send thousands of messages to the customers about the new schemes and products launched. This not only serves as a way to inform the people about what is going on in business these days but also builds up hope that they will respond and buy the products. But why this strategy works so well?

What is the link between bulk SMS text messaging and marketing?

SMS text messaging is a direct form of approach to marketing meaning potential customers gets information regarding products or services directly. This kind of a direct marketing approach can be highly beneficial for the local business looking to expand. With a wide reach, SMS text messaging ranks right up there with social networking as millions of potential customers can be contacted at once yielding better results.

What are the benefits of SMS text messaging?

The most attractive advantage of SMS text messaging in marketing is that it is cost-effective. As compared to other direct marketing techniques such as marketing phone calls, SMS texts are cheaper and much more affordable ideal for start-ups and low budget businesses.

With SMS text marketing, there is minimal market research requirement, and a campaign for your product/ service can be started irrespective of market trends or seasons. Interoperability of SMS text messages makes this ideal for marketing as potential customers can be reached at any time.

Benefits of an effective sms marketing include providing the marketer with the ability to send updated information to customers. With the help of SMS text messaging, customers can be informed regarding the latest developments with a product or service ensuring they get better service as compared to competitors.

SMS texts are also highly customizable which is an added advantage. Marketers can fine-tune texts to target audiences which would enable them to achieve better conversion rates than conventional advertising means. This would directly improve sales and improve the exposure of the brand you are marketing.

80 % of all cell phone users have their device with them at all times, and 94% of all SMS are directly delivered to potential customers meaning marketers can be certain that the message has gone through to potential customers. Unlike direct marketing calls, SMS texts get to potential customers without interfering with their day to day activities which can be beneficial for both the marketer as well as the customer.

Even critical information related to your business such as change of product or service, special offers, special events or change of location can be intimated to customers via SMS texts. Reminders regarding products or services offered by your company can also be passed on to customers increasing loyalty and brand appreciation.

Bulk SMS technology allows easy conversion of email messages into text messages and vice versa. This can be extremely useful to keep constant information flow between field executives and officials in the office. If an emergency occurs for instance like fire in a building, proper and immediate evacuation can be implemented.

Notifications of receiving important emails or delivery of emails can be made during non-working hours or when an employee is not in the office.

The weather department can issue alerts for possible heatwaves, storms, or severe weather in the vicinity to the local public.

Even the transportation department can provide details of daily traffic scenarios, bus and rail timings, any cancellations of flights, bus or trains, etc. to the general public concerned.


However, make it certain that the service provider is efficient and is capable of offering you many features of your choice. If you need to adopt different bulk sms for business strategies, then you have to pick up a right messaging feature, or some companies want to implement all the available features not to leave any stone unturned.